Self Empowerment (SHG)

India has a literacy rate of more than 75%, but when it comes to employability, we find a gloomy picture. Only one-third of them are employable. So being self reliant is the new discipline in today’s era. In the present context, lack of quality education and training restricts people from the horizon of opportunities for self-advancement, as it limits their right of entry to well paid employment. In the long run such individuals cannot make a significant contribution to economic growth. So we believe quality education and vocational training are the bedrocks for alleviating poverty from our country.
Literacy is just not confined to theoretical education but even broadens to the concept of skills, which embraces technological knowhow, vocational training, fair interactive skills, digital skills, and other paraphernalia required for employment and livelihood.

Thus skills intensify the productiveness and quality of work for more significant results. Eknayikiran SOURYA Foundation believes that education and skills are both complimentary and supplementary to each other. They are thus the roots behind the economic growth and community development of a country.

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