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” Bharat Abar Jagat Sabhai Sreshto Ason Lobe ” 

                    – Atul Prasad Sen

With this motto we love to march forward.

Our mission is to create a glorious future and secure the lives of the young generation of our country.

Underprivileged and educated yet unemployed young generation want job security . Nothing would be better than to make them self dependent through vocational education and self defence.

In this time of crisis our organization needs all people with good sense to come forward and help us to create a family with their precious advice and experience so that we can march forward in imparting moral values to the jobless youth and help in the progress of our Nation.

Years of Immaculate Services

We help the both urban and Rural area people to uplift the not so privileged class of youth through imparting vocational training, foreign language courses, law and Martial arts. 

Your skills determine your ability to execute plans and achieve your goals. … Organizations that encourage skill development have a stronger workforce, employees are motivated and engaged, and have higher productivity

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B - 7/287, Kalyani
District : Nadia
Pincode : 741235

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